Monday, 24 January 2011

Film Brief and Main Task Idea's

For the main task we were given film brief's and we had to chose which one we would like to do, my group chose to do film brief one, which is to do an action film with a target audience of 15-25 year-olds, it also has to have the style of a hero comic as well. My group has Chris, Tom, Sophie and myself in it which should make getting the finished product done a lot easier as more people can take on more roles. Most of us chose this film brief because it lets you do a lot creativity wise such as creating a hero and bringing him to life, also the fact that throughout our film we want the use of live animation in some parts which is useful as chris is very good at animating and sophie is really good on Photoshop. For the live action shots tom will be good on the camera as i have no doubt he will have great input into what works best. Together i think our team has everything covered.

So once we had decided to do film brief one we instantly started coming up with lots of ideas.In our first lesson on this we came up with the idea that it should be a comic hero something along the lines of Batman: Dark Knight story line but with a possible twist at the start to make it a bit darker as for the older viewers. So talking over the whole comic book feel we thought it would be a good idea to have the start of the film looking at a comic book (which we wanted to make on the computer) and we wanted the camera to pan along the comic book reading it and then when necessary we would use the first shot of a piece of live action film we wanted to go in, and turn it into a comic looking picture, and then graphic match it onto the start of the real live footage. We would repeat this a few times before we got to the ending and throughout this we wanted a narrator to be talking the whole way through. The inspiration for this was from many movies but the one i thought of was the intro to kick ass as it had the narration and the first twist at the start with the person we thought was a hero dying. This intro is along the line that we want.