Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Main task Developement-Music Research

At the start of our title sequence we have a time lapse with a narrator speaking over the top of it. For th we have a montage of film shots of new york and we realized that having some underline music it would give the scene more tension and build up towards an event. The music we chose is a song calle Smile by crystal method, we chose this song as the electric sounds of it make the scene feel modern and New which is the time period we are going for. This band is actually under a record label so in order to use their music i had to email the manager of the band , he did infact get back to me and gave me permission to use the music.
For the second half of our animatic we want to use A-Punk by Vampire weekend so we are getting a band to do a cover version so we will still be able use the song in our title production.

Main task Developement

Obviosuly we need shots that look like a comic book in our opening title so i started to use photoshop to see how as a group we could use the tools and effects to create the right image for the film titles. On photoshop I used effects such as poster edges and accented edges i then played around with colour adjustments and finally made it look quite comical.
After creating this as a group we realized to make the comic shot graphic match onto the real shot all we would have to do is copy a still frame shot from the last frame of the recorded film sequence. We also decided as a group that a time lapse sunset would be hard to film in New York as we dont have much time to do it, so as an alternative we are going to record a sunet in the open with no trees or buildings and then layer that recording behind the comic stylized shot of the new york buildings therefore retaining the sunset effect on the city and making the filming much less difficult.

Main task Developement

In our second lesson we started to write up a actual plan of the shots we wanted and to fine tune our ideas into something that we could actually accomplish in the time we have been given. On our A3 sheet we wrote down the shot sequence we wanted and where we could find information on it aswell. For example for the latter half of our opening sequence we have alot of shots in quick succession of each other like In The movie Shaun of the Dead. These shots are exactly what we want as for the audience watching it keeps the fast pace from the time lapse at the start and gives a false sense of normality before the twist at the end of the sequence. We also decided that we would have four to five of the shots in our sequence changed into the comic type look as anymore would have been to much a task for our group to handle in the time given.