Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Post Production

When it came to finally putting our footage onto the computer i think that this was the hardest thing to do really because for some reason our computers only let one camera allow you to capture items on to the computer, so when we got the capture camera (after getting the wrong one first and wondering why it did not work for ages) we set to work trying to capture the film footage onto our computer but again that would be to easy so the computers started freezing up and we weren't able to capture all of our footage in one lesson so that meant that it went over into another lesson however that was when we started to use adobe premiere to start editing our shots. Obviously when shooting most of our shots we gave extra time either side so when it came to editing we could get the continuity editing to a tee however when we were filming on of our shots there was a fade setting that had been turned on, so the camera had a natural fade in and out at the start of one of our shots this meant that we had to cut it out as most of it was missed because of the fade. Withe the editing we only used a few effects on adobe such as giving it a fade to black at the end and we also decided to make the whole film black and white because it gave it more a sense of tension and of curiosity about what's going on. For us this still wasn't enough so we set about searching over the internet for soundtracks and we looked at a few but we did not like them until we found a whole sound track that suited our film to a tee and as soon as we put that in we realized that it made our movie a lot better and more believable as an audience. We also gave adobe after effects a go to make a moving title sequence however it was very slow to render on our computer and when we got it to finally render as it was completing our computer decided to reset it's self so with the time we had left we thought we would just add an ordinary title to the start and overall it came out quite well.

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