Tuesday, 19 October 2010


As soon as we had our storyboard finished we started off getting ready for the filming. We set up the tripods for the camera's and the camera's themselves and went to the scene of our first shot. because of not having enough time in the lesson to get all the shots done we decided to do all of our outside shot's on the same day so as not to get different weather conditions and lighting it would be to much hassle and it worked out quite well seeming as our first and last shot sequences were outside so getting them done was useful so we could work on the other shots not as hurried as we could have been. Overall the filming went quite well as we did not have many disturbances, we did want to experiment with our shots so we used the wheels on the bottom of the tripod so we could have our tracking shot. This had to be done at least three times as it is hard to judge the speed the character is walking at and to keep their face in the same frame area of the camera shot. I also think we planned our shot reverse shot speaking scene quite well as we decided that the best way not to muck up positioning was that the actors just stayed in the same spot and we moved the camera around them. For our speaking shots we used a microphone which we had a few troubles with at first as we could not find the right boom arm clip and the headphones didn't work, but in the end we managed to find a microphone that fitted the clip and some half working headphones so we managed in the end. Also we found that we needed to add in some extra speaking shots which we didn't have on the storyboard as we wanted to have an extra shot in the conversation so a to get a view of both the characters faces rather than only seeing one of the faces, it also gave it more a sense of reality as you could finally see that they were both stood there interacting. If we had a bit more time i would have preferred to do quite a few more hots and possibly extend the scenes a bit more especially the speech scene's and maybe have a noticeable match on action shot but these are things we can make sure to do thoroughly next time.

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