Friday, 15 October 2010

Various camera shots and Techniques

I have just learned a wide variety of different types of shots that are used during filming. To me this was really usefull as I like films and when i watch them i try to imagine why the camera is doing what it is doing and now that i know what some of these shots are and why they are used I can understand the films abit more and the director. These are just some of the shots I learnt about:
Cross cutting- actions are linked so you can go back in time from something that someone is possibly reminiscing about and you can go back to that time period as well, it is a very smooth transition.
Cut In- Cut Away: Usually from a distance shot to a close up like having a shot of a car in a car park and then going inside the car. The conversation could start before the shot goes into the car.
Dissolve- Where the current shot blends into the next one so the transition is really smooth.
Establishing/Re-establishing shot- This is when you are have a shot on someone and then you keep the shot on the person but it shows the rest of the scene so it still has the person in the frame but is re-establishing the area.
Eye line Match- Is a shot that makes the audience know where they are actually looking at so for example if someone was looking at a picture it would show here staring and then what she was looking at and then you might have a close-up of what the object of the stare is to show precision of what the person is looking at.
Shot/Reverse shot- this is when if someone is talking you would see a woman talking to the other man and then vice versa the woman still talking to the man but from the man’s side of the view.
Graphic match- is when two shots are joined together and the first one has same size shape of the object in the second shot that they can fluidly join together.
Wide Shot-The person takes up the full frame, or at least as much as comfortably possible.

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