Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pre Production


I have already explained what we had to do for our preliminary task however this is how we set up from the start about how we were going to do the whole task. To start off with we all had a pretty vague idea that the theme f the short clip would have the element of fear and surprise, but also a sense of mystery as you do not end up seeing who is following the character's. So with this idea in mind we started to design our story boards which we drew the pictures of the shots we anted and then we annotated them for example when we had a close up shot we wanted it because it could show the anxiety and tense expressions on our characters face. We also wanted to have a few high angle shots like a cctv camera however we knew we would not be able to have the equipment to get to the height we needed so instead we planned other shots to give the same effect. I think we had some good points in our storyboard as we were lucky as a group to have one of our members to be quite good at drawing depth perception and scenes so we didn't have any trouble putting our visualizations onto paper, and we annotated them like i said the way we would want the audience to feel and how they would interpret the shot. However i don't think we tool into account that we might have needed to add more in as we just stuck with our first storyboard so next time we might go back over our storyboard and see if we can add things in there rather than having the trouble of thinking of what more to do when filming. During the design of the story board we found ourselves going to the places where we were going to shoot a recce so we could get a real sense of what it looked like so when we drew a shot we good easily see the shot when we came to shoot it whether it would be a tracking shot or a close up. In the process of making the storyboard we had to make sure we were following certain rules before drawing our shots for example on our conversational shot reverse shots we made sure that we sticked to the 180 degree rule and also when doing one of our first drawing's of the start shots we thought it would be good to get a different view on the same area so we had two shots quite close in each others view but again we followed the 30 degree rule so the shots weren't to similar.
This is our group coming up with the shots on our storyboard where we also wrote the captions for what the shot was meant to mean, chris was our artist as he has very perceptive ways of drawing so he can give the drawing depth.

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