Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Editing attempt 1

After having our first shoot and getting most of the shots for the morning scene in the house we started to edit together our new york shots and the house shots to make our intro. Luckily we already had the music what we wanted as we had permission to use it from one of the bands. Anyway we started cut up the lengthy shots and fit them into eahc other and the rendering was what was taking the longest. During the editing we decided to have the new york shots start off the film intro to give it the sense of mystery which would then tie in with the title and theme the silhouette. To get the pace of the film started quite high we thought that by having sped up images basically very short time lapses at the start, then the audience would be captured straight away. Shortly after piceing the shots nof new york together we decided that to go in time with the music we would have the slow panning shots first and then the quick edits of the rest of new york to fit in time with the change of tempo and pace in the music.

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