Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Who would be the audience for your media product?

Our main target audience would be 16-25 year old males with an interest in action and/or superhero style movies who are looking for a fresh and interesting take on the genre.

A range of young males who have been reading comic books since they were younger. More than 90% of the readers of mainstream superhero comics are male (1995) so this is why we've mainly targeted it at males. Also people who have seen movies in a similar vein to our production such as ‘The Watchmen’, ‘Kick Ass’, ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ or ‘The Dark Knight’. Typically, 16-25 year old males would be interested in a fast paced action film.

We wanted the film to be darker and different from the now family orientated comicbook/super hero films. That part of the film isn't overpoweringly obvious.

The problem with the target audience for this style of film is that it's quite specific so we decided because to slightly change the storyline of the film to something more along the lines of an action thriller but at the same time have the protagonist possibly become a hero or villain so there is stilll that comic style element in it but this way we will be advertising to a larger audience. Also the good things about this genre of film is that most of the audience who like these types of films stereotypically use the internet alot of the time whether its games/Forums or buisness, it could still be advertised easily on the internet via certain websites, so by advertising to an audience like ours its worth knowing how to advertise the movie to them.

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