Tuesday, 3 May 2011

First Day of Filming

On the first day of filming we planned to shoot at my house after school which we did. The equipment we used was the usual cameras but we also had a microphone with us as we needed to capture certain sounds whilst filming the shots such as this shot we were filming the egg being cooked and we wanted the sizzling sound quite clear incase we wanted to play around with words saying sizzle coming out of it when we got to the editing part also that the sound of an egg sizzling generally helps set the time of morning with the rest of the shots.
Whilst deciding which shots to do next we actually took the storyboards with us as it was quite good to work with the basic ideas of what we wanted shots wise, and then we could play around with different angles seeing if we could still get the same effects such as whether we should have a high angle shot on the alarm clock in the morning or a level shot to see the hand come in from the side of the shot. The storyboard was also quite a good way of keeping track of what shots we had done and the ones we needed to do.
Whilst filming we had a few problems for example you could only hear what was coming through the microphone after you had started to record so we overcame this by adding a sound check on some of the takes. Another problem we encountered was that the tripod we had wouldnt reach the certain hights we needed for some of the kitchen shots eg looking down on the eggs so instead we had to just hold the camera very still and to be sure to have a good shot we took the shot three times so we could have a choice of some of the good ones. Overall the day was a success and we now had some footage that we could start to edit with the New York footage i had previously gotten on our media Trip.

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