Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Final Day Of Filming

To start off with we needed to get the shots of our character played by dan finn leaving his house and the accident scene as well so we started off with him leaving out of his front door. We used a high angle shot for this as we didn't want to see his face also we had the problem of trying to keep the film set in New York so we didn't want any of the grass on the lawn opposite of the drive in shot so this was quite an effective shot to use.
This problem of grass kept reoccuring in other shots outside Dan's house as we were trying to film the car drive round the corner so again we used a high angle shot to get rid of the grass line at the top of the shot.

We also decided to film most of the car shots on that street as well seeming as there was less traffic and therefore we could do the amount of takes we wanted. We played around with the idea of the car going past and the camera would have a view around head hight but then you could see the houses and lawns of the houses behind which could take away the sort of New York effect we wanted. So we ended up getting a really nice shot of the car going past by having the camera on the floor therfore it minimalized the rest of the street in view. Although this worked out well we had to do quite a few takes as we needed to get the speed of the car right because it actually went past the camera alot faster than it looked. After the car scene we then had to drive to Sophies Dad's apartment as it had the bathroom that we wanted in the opening sequence it may sound picky but it was perfect for the way we wanted to shoot our character getting ready in it. This shot was quite tricky as we of course had the mirror in front of him and we wanted to do an over the shoulder shot  however the characters face was showing up in the mirror and so to get rid of this we boiled a Kettle and steamed up the mirror so you couldnt see the face and that way we would not have to do some un necassary complex editing on adobe after effects. After this we went back into ringwood outside my house to do the last of the car shots this time of dan getting hit by the car, and the way we did this was that we had Dan jump onto the front of the car to lok as though i had hit him at high speeds, we first tried this outside my house but then realized we got the reflection of the house in the windscreen so we then did it in the middle of the road which again worked out better but we had to make sure we only got the bottom of the windscreen so as not to see the grass on people's lawn. By having just the bare minimum of the windscreen
shown we also managed not to show the characters face again which was really quite lucky. We ended the day by finishing of some of the shots of him eating for the breakfast seen which went without a hitch.

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